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Q. Does duct tape provide a sufficient seal to allow you to rotate, turn & invert the tank without the Sealer spilling all over the place?
A. Yes, duct tape or electrical tape works well. Also a piece of cork or rubber will seal small tubes.

Q. What’s the best way to prevent the Sealer from getting on the screw threads?
A. Apply a small amount of oil (WD-40 or similar) to the threads, and if the Sealer dries on those threads, it will peel right off.

Q. What’s the best way to remove the Sealer from the fairly small “L” shaped protrusions on the underside of each side of the tank?
A. If you can’t get to it from the inside, use pipe cleaners or Q-Tips to remove the Sealer from these tubes before it cures.

Q. Any other tips, “tricks of the trade”, suggestions, etc.?
A. Just remember to be sure the tank is completely DRY before using the Sealer. Apply a thin film of oil wherever you DON’T want the Sealer to stick. Do NOT allow the Sealer to “puddle” in the tank. If the tank has baffles or a design which does not allow for complete draining of the excess Sealer, keep rotating the tank (every 30 min or so) as the Sealer cures to help prevent pooling.

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