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Gas Tank Sealer by KBS Coatings


We`re using your kits here at the shop now. We do about 50 tank restos a year, and have used other sealers. This Gold standard stuff is all we use now! Quality, price, service that can`t be beat.
-Tom S.

Did just what it claimed to do. By following the directions I was able to save a the original gas tank on my farm pickup. Finding a replacement would have been impossible.
- Roy U.

This stuff is awesome. I used this kit on my Ninja motorcycle and it worked perfect. I will remember and anyone will have good results if used as directed.
- Fred B.

This tank sealer system works great. I had used it in the past on a project that I sold before completion. I remembered how well it worked and when it came time to seal up a tank on a new project, I chose to use it again. The tank came out great again!!!
- Greg G.

I had a slight leak in my custom tank (on the bottom) Tried having it welded... didn`t work. I ordered your product, it did the trick!!
- Rick A.

I began the project of rejuvenating a 12 gallon VW gas tank with your large motorcycle (12gal) kit with some trepidation as to the effectiveness, quality and volume of the product. Well, let me say I was very pleasantly surprised. The cleaner and De-ruster worked extremely well, (This was a 30 year old gas tank) and the sealer was astonishing! I had enough to do both the inside and complete outside of the tank. Congratulations! I was completely satisfied with this product.
- Bob K.

Product worked great!! Thanks for the "Biggie" sized kit. Fastest shipping of any website I`ve ever used.
- Bob J.

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